World-class advanced analytics for lasting business impact

World-class intelligence. 

Seamless integration.


Our end-to-end deep learning platform enables manufacturers to get more from their data, accelerate growth, innovate faster and achieve more, perpetually.


Company size brings about different complexities to consider
Select the industry your company is operating in for a better understanding of your circumstances
If solved, how much do you estimate your business would benefit?
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We work with you to enable data driven transformation. 

Quasar Labs is building the intelligence layer of the Factory 4.0 by using state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and world-class software. Our conviction is that fundamental enterprises, at different technical maturity levels, can reap the largest rewards from integrating advanced analytics into their daily workflows. We draw our inspiration from mathematics and human language and are fascinated by combining software, business innovation, design thinking and machine learning for delivering impact from day one. 


Having delivered lasting value for clients in pharma, retail, manufacturing, financial services and many other industries, we observed that lasting positive outcomes are best achieved iteratively, with value delivered at every step of the way. A well designed data pipeline is superior to an advanced machine learning model, and continuous alignment, communication and transparency are essential for building a lasting solution that expands the bottom line for years to come. 

Impact Prioritization

We optimize for big, lasting impact initiatives and deliver measurable value from the very beginning.

Insight to Automation

We support you throughout the transition to an intelligent factory and integrate with your KPIs, data and APIs


Clarity in Delivery

We use state of the art analytics and technology to deliver clear, insightful and actionable insights. 

Year Established
Team Size

At Quasar we strive to deliver value at every step of the way. The particularities of our clients, their needs and business models, inform the design of our advanced analytics solutions. Our technical edge and 6 core principles enable us to integrate understandable, maintainable and powerful machine learning and digital implementations directly into your existing architecture, for lasting business impact and minimal disruptions.


Dragos Tudor

Founder – Quasar


Top Talent

We hire and partner with the best of the best and foster interdisciplinary talent spanning software, research, deep learning, marketing and management. We thrive on uncertainty and are captivated by technical innovation.

Continuous Value

Value should be measurable and deliverable at every point in the process. We value incremental improvements and prioritize use cases that have the potential to deliver the biggest impact. 


The outputs of our analytical implementations are actionable and easy to understand. You have complete visibility into our progress,  deliverables, pending items, requirements and blockers.  


Complexity is abstracted through powerfull, well-documented and beautifully built software, that integrates with what you currently have, without sacrificing on performance and business impact. 


Our implementations are built with your existing infrastructure in mind. Just in case you have no data automation in place, we can handle everything for you, from proof of concept to production and monitoring.


Every engagement is built around several business objectives of choice. You will be asigned a dedicated product manager and a team of elite analysts. We take full ownership, minimize surprises and focus on impact.

Projects Completed
End-to-End Deployments
Value Created


We are particularly excited about some of the use cases listed below. However, we are thrilled to dive deep into other challenges.


Signal processing, predictive maintenance, root cause analysis, classification, clustering, speech-to-text

object detection, semantic segmentation, classification, ocr, self-supervision, one-shot learning, gan, hybrid networks

Contextual understanding, transformers, classification, clustering, self-supervision, summarization, NER

Deep data mining for product or service recommendations. Use of extensive behavioural metadata and embeddings

Digital traffic analysis, fraud and anomaly detection, email security, adversarial attacks, deep fakes, policy breaches

optimization, statistical implementations, labelling pipelines, annotation automation, golden batch analysis

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